Tips for a happy shopping experience at the Dragon Mart

Dubai is a shopping paradise for the shopaholics who can find endless outlets of duty free shops, high-end brands, and traditional souks to satisfy their retail craving. However, for those who are on a budget – shopping inclusively at the malls can be a little tedious, especially if there are no major sales and shopping festivals happening.

For such shoppers, the Dragon Mart offers the right blend of discounts, quality products, and a happy shopping experience. Whether you are looking for wholesale china clothes in Dubai or affordable furniture for your new office – the Dragon Mart has you covered.

However, the rows of stalls, shops, and the gigantic maze-like structure of the mall can easily delusion a newcomer. Here, we share with you some tips that will make your trip to the Dragon Mart a worthwhile experience.

Time it right

The Dragon Mart opens at 10 am daily and closes at 10 pm from Sunday to Wednesday. On weekends (Thursday to Saturday), the mall is open until midnight.

Generally, the malls in Dubai are busier than usual on Fridays, Saturdays, and evening hours. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like long queues and overcrowded places, avoid visiting the Dragon Mart at peak hours. And if you must go on weekend, then try going early ahead of the local crowd.

Be prepared to walk

The Dragon Mart is huge. In fact, it is approximately 1.3 km of retail spaces that is equivalent to 17 football pitches. This means that you will be doing a lot of walking and it is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and clothing to be at ease during the shopping phase.

One word…Haggle

Yes, haggling does not work at malls of Dubai and high-end shopping outlets. However, when you are out for wholesale clothing China in Dubai and other “made in China” goods – haggling is permissible.

Nevertheless, when bargaining, make sure you are friendly with the vendors and avoid asking for a price that is very low when compared to the original price.

Always check the products

The biggest drawback of shopping at Dragon Mart is the ‘no refund’ policy at most outlets. This is why it is highly recommended that you check each piece thoroughly before making the payment.

As the leading seller of wholesale clothing China in Dubai, some items may be made from synthetic material and is non-returnable. The same goes for electronic products, which is why we highly recommend customers test them all out before they leave the shop.

Check out Dragon Mart for an affordable shopping experience

There is no need to spend extravagantly when shopping in Dubai. By visiting malls like Dragon Mart – tourists and locals alike can avail the best offers for the best quality.

Recently the mall has had an extension with “Dragon Mart 2” which means that consumers have more options for different products they need such as accessories, mobile phone covers, toys, and wholesale China clothes in Dubai.

So plan a visit to the mall soon and let us know about your experience.