Insulated Bags- The Growing Trend in Food Industry

Insulated bags are high-quality bags that maintain proper food temperature while controlling their moisture levels too. Unlike those plastic or brown lunch bags, these insulated bags can keep your food warm or cold for a much longer period and also prevent it from going stale.

These bags are made from layers where the foam insulation between the outer layer and inner lining is what keeps your food hot and safe. It is said that it can keep the food fresh for about 2 to 2.5 hours but that’s not foolproof. We should use the food immediately once it is delivered to us.

Looking at the current situation, food delivery has become a new norm. It is either delivery or take away of your favorite foods from a restaurant, or groceries, etc. Hence many companies or restaurants are making sure that the food delivered to you is at the proper temperature and doesn’t go stale. Hence the usage of “Insulated bags” has increased.

If you are one of them from the food industry then you will surely know the importance of these bags. To keep your customer happy, you need to ensure that the food reaches their doorstep at the right temperature. Otherwise, you will clients will start to lose interest in your food.

Custom Earth Promos (located at Delray Beach, Florida USA) is an eco-friendly company that is into the manufacturing of Reusable custom bags as well as good quality face masks. They manufacture these products using recycled water bottles and other natural recycled materials. They make these insulated bags with nice features that not only look good but also have made its use easy and convenient for its customers.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you buy these insulated bags:

  1. The first thing to do is to identify the material which is used to manufacture this bag. You get materials like laminated, tarpaulin, and even nonwoven polypropylene. So depending upon the type and your needs choose the material appropriately.
  2. Plan your budget and the number of pieces required. Make sure the kind of product you looking for, falls under your budget. Work with the manufacturer for the same
  3. Size is a very important thing. Depending upon the reason you are buying this product you will have to choose the size. Eg: Many people want it for food delivery, while others for delivering lunch boxes. So, choose the size as per the need.
  4. Also, check the details of the lid used in the bag. Whether it is zip or a Velcro or a flap, you need to choose things as per your need. Look at the pros and cons of each kind of lids and then select your product.
  5. Lastly, think about the outside look of the bag. It depends upon you what color you want to select or the type of logo you want on the bag. Whether it is colorful or too much of printing, it will all depend upon you.

Well choosing the bags will be tricky, so the best option would be to take some samples from the manufacturers and then select as per your choice.