The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar

The Leather Stitch Headcollar is a leather headcollar, with the most prominent feature being a durable and long lasting nylon strap. This nylon strap allows for a greater degree of control when applying corrections during training, which can help improve your overall performance. The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar also has subtle features such as leather on the nose band and chin strap to keep away from any irritation. The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar is made with a heavy 1.2-ounce leather. The leather is stitched, which helps create the perfect fit for your dog’s head and neck. The headcollar has lightly padded leather on the inside that helps reduce the discomfort for your pet with an adjustable buckle strap and a D-ring to attach leashes or a leash/harness. Click here to get more details.

Is Leather Stitch Headcollar Comfortable?

The answer for your comfort on this headcollar is yes. This headcollar is made with a soft and comfortable leather, which will make your ride more enjoyable. The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar is a high-quality product that you can rely on to last. Yes, it is! This headcollar should not be confused with a muzzle or an animal training device. The headcollar will not restrict your breathing or your vision and is always safe to use. It’s comfortable for both dogs and people and suitable for all activities including long walks and training at home.  Headcollars are designed to offer comfort and protection for the horse’s sensitive poll area. The most common types of headcollars are used for jousting, polo or hunting with two or four horse halters attached. They can also be used in harness racing and horse shows. Do you want a leather headcollar that fits well and is easy to put on and off? The LeMieux leather headcollar features leather construction as well as an adjustable strap that helps ensure a comfortable fit while protecting your dog’s neck. This piece is also made in the USA, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

How can I Order the LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar

If you have trouble keeping a muzzle on your dog that pulls on walks, the LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar is an excellent option. This headcollar is made of leather and works well to keep your best friend in line. It has an adjustable strap with a buckle closure and it’s also machine washable to keep it clean. If you are interested in one of our products, you can learn more about it on our website by clicking here. You can also contact us by phone, email, or live chat to place an order. The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar is a totally new way to train and keep your dog safe. It’s made from soft, durable leather and is simple to use with no complicated instructions or tools needed. This head collar has been specially designed to prevent your dogs from getting tangled in the leash. The LeMieux Leather Stitch Headcollar is a collar for large dogs, 3/4-inch wide, with a small opening for the nose and a sturdy leather strap attached to the back of the head so that it cannot be removed by chewing. The material used is leather, making it durable and more comfortable than other materials.