10 legitimate websites that offer free stuff

Who does not like free stuff? On the internet there is everything and yes, also free stuff.

Whether it’s to save, to test or just to hack capitalism, take a dive into this list with websites that offer all kinds of free items. In one of those you find what you were looking for.

Of course, maybe what you do have to invest is some time to find things that are really worthwhile. We already leave that to you.


This site was the pioneer in this dynamic and the truth is that all the products they offer are promotional. These samples range from a little coffee to cleaning products, both very useful.

Go straight to the International section to get started.


It works similar to the previous one, you must subscribe to the products in which you are interested. That same thing first find out if the article applies in your region.


This is an advertising and sales platform, from time to time there will also be people giving away things. Why? It is nothing more than “freecycling”, a bombastic word that basically means to donate or give away objects that you do not use but that are in good condition.

The Freecycle Network

As we explained before, freecycling consists of giving away things, in this site you can see who wants to recycle their belongings in your city or closest location.


This only applies in the United States, but it consists of a large list of establishments where you can receive gifts and discounts on your birthday. It never hurts, maybe the next one you celebrate while traveling and you can take advantage of it.

The Penny Hoarder

This list is exactly the same as the previous paragraph, but the advantage is that many of the brands that appear do exist in our country.


This platform works perfectly in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. It does not use money, users offer all kinds of items in exchange for others.


Here you receive samples in exchange for leaving comments or reviews.


This is a blog that collects offers on all kinds of promotions and free things.


This site works as a database of discounts and offers, it also has many codes for you to use on other websites. Be nailed if you usually buy many things online.