The ultimate guide to smart-casual menswear

Smart-casual is the ultimate blend of opposite styles. It’s so difficult to know how to be casual whilst still looking smart. Smart casual is a phrase that is used so often, especially when invited to events or weddings. Here we are going to give you the ultimate guide to smart-casual menswear.

What does smart casual mean?

What casual means to one person could be smart to somebody else. The definition varies depending on the setting. It’s best to remember that it’s always better to look too smart than to go in looking over casual. It’s definitely the lesser of two evils.

What can I wear for smart casual?

There’s no specific definition of what clothes class as smart casual menswear. Wearing a suit and then pairing it with a t-shirt is very much the style of smart casual. Another idea is pairing Farah shirts, for example, with a smart pair of jeans and a blazer.

The quality of your clothes can also make a big difference to nailing the smart casual look. Wearing your grottiest white t-shirt with a smart suit isn’t going to help anything. If you need to stock up on smarter shirts, visit

Can I wear jeans?

Jeans are a great staple that stretch across a wider spectrum of fashion. Any jeans that are ripped, are too light or too tight are strictly for casual wear only. Opting for something that is darker in colour, like an indigo, is more appropriate for a smart casual outfit. Be aware that some places don’t allow jeans, if you’re going somewhere with a dress code.

Chinos are the best smart casual choice you can make. They’re casual whilst still being formal enough to elevate your look.

Polo shirts

People automatically assume that a collar makes a shirt formal. This is absolutely true for the polo shirt, which is the perfect item for a smart casual look. It’s a great shirt that can take you from day to night with ease. For the colder months, why not try a rollneck jumper made from wool over your polo shirt?

Smart casual wedding looks

For a smart casual wedding look, a blazer will be your best friend. Wearing a well-fitted shirt with chinos is definitely the way to go.