Jewelry stores do the most common watch repair services

Repairing timepieces, especially high-priced luxury brands like Rolex and antiques like vintage wristwatches and pocket watches, is a service that gets a lot of requests. You can better take care of the timepieces you own if you know what kinds of services, we offer at our retail location. You can get more money out of your cherished timepieces by having them repaired.

Timepieces make fashion statements. It’s trendy and practical at the same time. It can represent your financial success or serve as an heirloom from generations past. Here is the list of the most common types of watch repair services:

·        Altering the strap of a watch:

·       A watchband that is worn not only detracts from the overall aesthetic of a watch, but it also poses a safety risk as it can come undone or break unexpectedly. Luckily, switching out a watchband is a simple task that can be accomplished in minutes at a jewelry store. Doing so not only provides an additional sense of ease and safety to the wearer but also allows for customization of the watch’s appearance. Depending on the material or design of the band, it can make a bold fashion statement and add a touch of personal flair to any watch.

·        Chain changes for watches:

This is a useful service if you’ve recently undergone a sizeable weight loss or gained or inherited a watch that is either too small or too large for your wrist. Having a watch resized is a one-of-a-kind service that allows you to utilize a watch that previously wouldn’t fit your wrist.

·        Watch crystals and battery change:

The functional components of timepieces eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Watches can be made operational again with new batteries and crystals. After this repair, you can again use that favorite watch or your grandfather’s pocket watch without worrying whether it will accurately display the time.

·        Dial refining:

A dial that has been stripped can have its finish restored using this service. Even a minor repair like this can significantly improve the look of a watch or pocket watch when every detail matters. A shiny dial polishes out the watch’s overall design.

·        Polishing and cleaning up:

Signs of age are common on vintage watches. Jewelry looks and lasts longer when given a thorough cleaning every so often. The metal of the watch is brought out to shine by polishing. Even the most boring watch can be revitalized with this.